We offer a comprehensive consulting service advising on course design and development to meet the learning objectives and the needs of your organisation and learners.

About Deb Carr

I believe the success of any learning program or training system is attention and investment into quality. Engaging trainers that ‘know their stuff’, up to date resources that inspire thinking and policy frameworks that value training make a difference at program level right through to national training system level. As a product of Vocational Education and Training (VET) myself, my belief in the training sector translates to quality outcomes for any project we engage.
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Deb Carr is a perpetual enthusiast for Lifelong Learning programs...

  • empower individuals
  • increase productivity for organisations 
  • strengthens socioeconomics for region  
  • grow GDP for the country

Our process




  • Identify learning program objective
  • Define learning outcomes
  • Profile the target cohort
  • Gather content materials already available
  • Identify deliverables
  • Identify learning modes and mediums
  • Identify learning pathways and articulation
  • Identify on-the-job learning opportunities
  • Identify design and development restrictions
  • Define evaluative indicators


  • Select best-fit learning experiences
  • Design deliverables
  • Chunk content into meaningful learning units
  • Sequence the learning outcomes
  • Identify subject matter experts




Review and Implement

  • Research content, current and emerging
  • Engage subject matter experts
  • Develop content into desired mediums
  • Develop guidance for implementation
  • Design and develop graphics and digital aids
  • If e-Learn, build interactivity
  • Industry validate final drafts
  • Induct into use of resources
  • Provide options for continuous improvement

Learning Design

Learning design is the ‘big picture’ to your learning program that informs the entire teaching/learning experience. Instructional designers work out the best way to build the learning experience so that it is engaging, effective and efficient! 

If there is no carefully thought out learning design the resources risk being:

  • Ineffective
  • Inefficient and worse of all
  • Terribly dull and boring

Design answers the questions:

  • What is the learning program objective?
  • What are the learning outcomes?
  • What is the profile of the target cohort?
  • What’s been done before?
  • What is the role of the educator, teacher, trainer, mentor, coach?
  • What are the pathways into and from the learning?
  • How are learning outcomes evaluated?
  • What are the available learning modes and mediums?
  • What are the on-the-job learning opportunities?
  • What are the best-fit learning experiences?
  • How are the learning outcomes evaluated?

Stakeholders look for a return on learning investment dollars

  • The learner – busy learners want learning to easily fit into their lifestyles, they want learning that benefits their career journey as well as their current job.
  • The business – it’s all about increasing productivity! Aligning learning programs to business needs is crucial.

  • The economy – skills matched to industries needs increases the socioeconomic status of local communities and national GDP.

Key Service Areas

Think About Learning provide learning design and development services for:

Nationally recognised training (NRT)

Non-accredited learning programs

Learners who are Aboriginal

Learners who speak English as a second language (ESL) 


Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Strategic skills development platforms
(public and private sector) 

Popular products and services

On-the-job log books and assessments

RPL kits

Contextualizing off-the-shelf resources

Accredited Course design and development
(registered with ASQA)

Learning program evaluations

Training and coaching for budding VET practitioners

When do you need an nationally accredited course?

National Course Accreditation

Accredited courses are different to training package qualifications https://www.asqa.gov.au/course-accreditation. Accredited courses play an important role in Australia’s VET sector. They address the skills requirements for industry, enterprise and the community where these are not covered in nationally endorsed training packages. ASQA accredits courses that may be offered and delivered by registered training organisations (RTOs).

We have proven experience in developing accredited courses and preparing the submission for successful registration with ASQA

Accreditation with ASQA ensures that courses are nationally recognised and meet an established industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community need.

Past Projects

National Course Accreditation

Training and assessment material for NT Corrections

Project lead on the design, development and registration of Certificate III in Remote Area Building Repairs and Maintenance. This course is currently being delivered in remote Northern Territory as a means of strengthening capacity and capability for remote communities to maintain housing conditions. The success of this course is evidenced by the initiated process to integrate the course into a national training package.  

Full suite of delivery, learner activities and work place assessments for 4 certificates delivered as part of the Sentence to a Job initiative. The initiative facilitated the employment of low-security prisoners while developing skills to increase likelihood of employment on release thereby reducing the incident of recidivism.

  • Certificate II in Furniture Making
  • Certificate II in Health Support Services
  • Certificate I in Food Processing
  • Certificate II in Retail Baking – Bread

Procurement eLearning package for NTG staff  

Training all NTG staff in the Principles of Procurement. The package is custom made for Territorians with particular considerations for ‘plain English’ and engaging diverse audience. This project is particularly important as Chief Minister Michael Gunner actions procurement reform in the NTG public sector. 

Elected Member Training Package – Municipal - current project

Training package to increase elected member’s capabilities to work within their roles and responsibilities with particular focus on governance, strategic operations, community and council member consultation, financial literacy, decision making and managing conflict.


Instructional Designers

We are always looking for good instructional designers with a proven track record. If you are after some interesting contract work, phone or email us!

We can train you :)

However, if you love to learn, are good at writing and like the idea of working your own hours in the comfort of your own home/caravan/airport/coffee shop/park please give me a call – We support you through a staged entry into instructional design work that suits all novices and learning enthusiasts!

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